Virgin Australia cabin crew cop abuse as two-minute noodles offered to business class passengers

Virgin Australia has been busted giving two-minute noodles to its business class, forcing the airline into an embarrassing explanation.

A passenger took to social media to complain against the budget meal offering, which can cost less than $2 a serve, after shelling out $2500 for a ticket.

The tongue-in-cheek post read: Two course offering on VA today: Course 1 – Red Wine, Coke no sugar & Snack Bar. Course 2 – fantastic noodles.”

Frequent flyers were outraged by the meal, describing it as “appalling”.

“Omg I thought this was a joke but then realised that’s actually on a plane,” wrote one follower.

“Omg that’s appalling. I know it’s “first world problems” but if you are paying for a premium product then you should receive a premium product,” added another.

“Wow, that was my ‘studying for final exams’ meal pack,” wrote another.

The budget meal offered to a business class traveller on Virgin Australia.
Camera IconThe budget meal offered to a business
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Why ‘Wild Card’ Directors Withheld Details of Craig Carton’s Sexual Abuse Until Mid-Documentary

HBO’s “Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth” promised a revealing look at former WFAN morning radio personality Craig Carton. During the documentary, the former “Boomer and Carton” host — who was recently released from prison for his involvement in a multimillion-dollar ticket-resale pyramid scheme — said he was repeatedly sexually abused at a sleep-away camp as a child.

But “Wild Card” goes the teaser route with that bit of information, with Carton initially vaguely mentioning childhood “trauma” before going into detail a bit later in the feature-length film. The time between setup and payoff, if we may borrow terms generally used for far less serious matters, may make viewers feel like they may not get specifics — but boy, do they.

“That was a purposeful decision,” Marie McGovern, who co-directed and produced the doc with her StreetSmartVideo partner Martin Dunn, told TheWrap.

“For folks that might not know

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