Masters in management school alliances offer a degree of difference

When Rebeca Ehrnrooth wanted international experience to supplement the management training she was offered at the Stockholm School of Economics in her native Sweden, she joined an innovative programme offering the chance to continue her studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

She became part of the Global Alliance in Management Education (Cems) — formerly the Community of European Management Schools — a pioneer in a growing trend of partnerships between business schools to enrich students’ experience. It offers training at its different business schools, and the work placements on offer and network of graduates remain powerful attractions for those who compete to attend its “masters within a masters” — an approach that other alliances have since sought to emulate.

Two decades later, Ehrnrooth works for a sustainable investment fund in London, and oversees the alumni network she joined that continues to support her and her peers. “Wherever you go, you

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