Mastercard Poised to Benefit From Shift to Digital Payments

The shift in payment space to e-commerce works in Mastercard Inc.’s MA favor because of its resilience and differentiated business model. This  includes a global payment network,  technologically advanced products and services, security and a strong brand name that is well-acknowledged by the consumers.

The COVID crisis accelerated the use of electronic modes of payment with greater adoption of digital and contactless solutions. Changing consumer trends include a preference for contactless remittances, rapid uptake of e-commerce and an increased aversion to cash, a merchant requirement to omni-channel acceptance and a need for automating B2B payments. Notably, each of these provides an opportunity for Mastercard to capitalize on.

Mastercard is pushing forward its click-to-pay service, which is a smarter and a secure way to make online payments. The company is differentiating its click-to-pay offering through an additional layer of security enabled by new data, AI and machine learning technology.


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