How I grew my idea to be a professional bridesmaid into a full-time job

  • After being a bridesmaid for many friends, Jen Glantz wondered if she could turn the role into a paying job. 
  • She posted an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone would want to hire a professional bridesmaid, and after receiving hundreds of interested emails, Glantz decided to make her idea a reality.
  • First, she identified the main requests from her clients and strategized what services she could offer that would be beneficial to brides in need.
  • She built a website, and worked her first handful of weddings as case studies. 
  • Since starting the business over six years ago, Glantz has worked with hundreds of clients and continually finds ways to optimize and improve her services.
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I first got the idea to start a company called Bridesmaid for Hire after I’d been a bridesmaid at over a dozen of my friend’s weddings. One night,

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