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The President is diagnosed with COVID-19, with rapidly worsening symptoms prompting a Friday evening Marine One flight to Walter Reed Medical Center. By Monday, he is back to the White House apparently feeling spryer than when he was a man 20 years younger. Reversing course on Tuesday, the President abruptly calls off stimulus negotiations “until after the election.” Negotiations were back on Wednesday, with the administration pursuing piecemeal stimulus (airlines, individual stimulus checks). By midweek the President was referring to his COVID infection as “a blessing from God.”

Thursday President Trump was calling for a “skinny” stimulus package. Friday morning saw the White House suddenly “open to going with something bigger,” and by lunchtime Larry Kudlow was on Fox News saying, “The President has approved a revised package. He would like to do a deal.” Appearing with Rush Limbaugh later in the afternoon, it was “I would like to see

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Commentary: ‘Mulan,’ Disney and the Dilemma of Doing Business in China | Best Countries

Disney’s “Mulan” was intended to be a big hit globally, particularly in mainland China, but the film’s troubles, and by extension Disney’s, would begin long before the film was ever released.

One of the first incidents was when lead actor Liu Yifei voiced support on social media for the Hong Kong police during the city’s pro-democracy protests. Then came numerous release delays and eventually a straight-to-streaming release in the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest incident was the revelation, in the film’s credits, that parts of the film were shot in Xinjiang, a province in China that has become notorious for being the region where Uighur Muslims — a Turkic-speaking ethnic minority — live under a brutal system of oppression and human rights abuses. In the credits the makers of the film also thank governmental bodies, including a police bureau that is on a U.S.

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