From Indian Country Comes Word: ‘Native Business’ Wants to Empower Native Entrepreneurship

Gary and Carmen Davis are a husband-wife entrepreneurial team with a string of business ventures to their credit (Red Vinyl Records, Litefoot Enterprises, Native StyleClothing and Davis Strategy Group being a partial list). The couple are also proud Native Americans — he’s Cherokee; she, Makah — who aim to strengthen the profile and success of entrepreneurs building businesses across Indian Country.

To do that, the Davises, from their base in Bellevue, Wash., have formed a multimedia/networking company, Native Business, which this November will launch a print magazine focusing on indigenous businesses; they’ll also host a “Native Business Summit” next May in Tulsa, Okla.

Further, the Davises are using their high profile in the Native community to get out their message of Native entrepreneurial empowerment and networking

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