New Golf Training Platform Ikonik Lets Students Control the Process

The Shalhoup siblings, Kristina and James, were both talented competitive golfers at an early age and continued playing through college (NYU for Kristina, Johnson & Wales for James). But even for skilled youngsters, lesson retention and focused development proved elusive, says their father, Jim. 

This experience prompted Jim Shalhoup, a former executive in the golf industry, to develop a digital training platform called Ikonik to distill insights, consolidate communication and offer an archive of video instruction for a student to learn the sport with the guidance of a coach.

“My first thought was, why don’t we flip the classroom and put all the learning materials up front, and let the student own the process rather than the coach own the process?” says Ikonik CEO Jim Shalhoup, who previously was a regional sales manager for Callaway Golf and the CEO of golf business platform Back9Links. “And I thought that would be

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