FBMM Ups Jason Leiss To Associate Business Manager



NASHVILLE-based business management firm FBMM has promoted JASON LEISS to Associate Business Manager, where he will work with SCOTTY MCCREERY, JOHN HIATT, TENILLE TOWNES and SAM HUNT. LEISS joined FBMM in 2010 and was upped to Account Executive in 2012. In 2015, he qualified for Account Manager status and in 2018, achieved the requirements for Senior Account Manager. 

“JASON epitomizes the ethos of FBMM,” said company co-owner DAVID BOYER. “He brings incredible energy, passion, focus, intelligence and wisdom to bear in providing invaluable guidance and oversight of the huge variety of both business and personal and logistical and financial issues modern musical artists contend with, all with a huge dose of empathy and compassion, and all while maintaining a wonderful sense of humor and modesty.”

“Being involved in the industry as a musician sparked my hunger to serve artists in the music

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Jason English on Start-up The Virtulab, his New Book, and Reshaping South African Entrepreneurship

At 42 years, Jason English has already had a career that, for most of us, would constitute a lifetime of achievement. The South African entrepreneur and business magnate has launched and scaled some of the most innovative businesses in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the UAE, along with a great deal of philanthropy in South Africa.

We sat down with the young business leader to reflect on a career punctuated  by adrenaline and adventure, building the virtual reality start-up The Virtulab, and writing about how companies might create and embody a compelling company culture in his upcoming book “The Oros Effect.”

Jason English South Africa Dubai CG Tech
Jason English South Africa Dubai CG Tech

Jason English

Jason English. You are a member of YPO, a global leadership community of chief executives and influential business leaders, but you started your career as an engineer spanning many different industries. When you look back, how do you connect

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