Despite The Pandemic, Many Would-be Business Owners Are Sensing Opportunity : NPR

The pandemic has been devastating to American businesses, but many entrepreneurs are seeing an opportunity, with business applications up more than 10% over 2019.


Times are tough for small businesses, but WHYY’s Miles Bryan has a story on new businesses that have sprung up.

MILES BRYAN, BYLINE: Derwood Selby got laid off from his job as a food and beverage supervisor at a hotel in Philly back in March.

DERWOOD SELBY: So I started sweating. Like, how the heck am I going to get some money?

BRYAN: Selby was entering into Pennsylvania’s worst labor market since the Great Depression. Getting another job would be tough. But at least for a while, he had a cushion. Selby’s unemployment benefits included an extra 600 a week from the federal government, which covered his expenses. He even started to save a little.

SELBY: When the six came, it was kind

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