All Nippon Airways Advances Digital Transformation Strategy with PROS

PROS® (NYSE: PRO), a provider of AI-powered solutions that optimize selling in the digital economy, today announced All Nippon Airways (ANA) has selected and implemented SaaS-based Pros Revenue Management Essentials (RM Essentials) to better forecast passenger demand and deliver revenue-optimal offers as a next step in its comprehensive digital transformation strategy. With PROS, ANA will utilize this next-generation AI-driven system designed to drive revenue uplift within a scalable solution as it restores its expansive domestic and international networks.

ANA is the largest commercial airline in Japan and a Skytrax 5-Star airline for eight consecutive years. Headquartered in Tokyo, ANA has comprehensive flight networks that include 118 domestic and 82 international routes across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America (as of December 2019).

“As our networks come back online, RM Essentials will help us to better anticipate changes in passenger demand, adjust pricing, and ultimately maximize revenue,” said Shoichiro Horii, ANA Vice President of Revenue Management. “Migrating to a cloud-based solution and leveraging industry-leading AI-driven guidance from PROS will empower our teams to deliver stronger business results while enabling ANA to remain highly competitive and best positioned to support our long-term growth strategy.”

“Despite the extreme disruption in the airline industry caused by COVID-19, ANA has forged ahead with next steps in its digital transformation,” said Benson Yuen, PROS President, Travel. “Establishing a solid revenue management strategy is critical for recovery, and RM Essentials will meet the business needs of ANA today while simultaneously providing the flexibility and foundation it needs for future growth.”

RM Essentials is an edition of PROS Revenue Management and is an AI-powered SaaS solution, allowing for a low barrier to adoption and ultimate flexibility for carriers looking to establish a foundational capability in demand forecasting. It features AI-based forecasting and optimization capabilities to deliver the optimal offer price, every time. As a SaaS-based solution, RM Essentials is scalable and allows airlines to transition smoothly from one PROS edition to the next as its business grows.

“In this current climate, airlines are in a position where demand fluctuations need to be accurately captured within an AI-powered revenue management solution,” continued Yuen. “The agility of AI is what will allow airlines to be confident in their forecasts during this turbulent period, while best positioning them for recovery.”

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