Alton Little Theater starts new contest, hires new business manager

ALTON — Alton Little Theater’s (ALT) band of dedicated staff and volunteers recently expanded with the addition of a new business manager.

Taylor Fisher hails from the University of Georgia with a background in nonprofit management, business systems and finance. Fisher joins the staff and volunteers who steer ALT’s mission of, “Entertaining traditions and showcasing talent of all ages.”

“We think Taylor will be a wonderful part of the enthusiastic team at Alton Little Theater,” Executive Director Lee Cox said.

Alton Little Theater has with great tenacity made its productions happen in person during this unprecedented time.

Cox said everyone worked tirelessly to be prepared for when the stay-at-home orders were lifted, both with productions set to go on stage and safety measures in place.

Theater leadership advocates the wearing of masks, maintaining social distancing and following a specific path for the flow of traffic. More than 100 seats have been removed to create social distance during performances, with seating options that include groupings of one, two, three or four, who are seated together.

The auditorium also has a new disinfecting “misting” system in place, which activates overnight once patrons leave the building. The facility has been arranged to mitigate unnecessary contact, but still have ease to use restroom facilities. For the duration of this year, beverage and snacks will not be served.

Preliminaries for ALT’s “The Riverbend’s Got Talent” start at 7:30 p.m. Friday, with finals at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at its Showplace Theater, 2450 N. Henry St., Alton

ALT’s new variety show-style contest is for age 12 to 30, with room for all kinds of talents — silks, dancers, singers, magicians, jugglers, gymnasts and other acts. The process will run similar to “America’s Got Talent.” Each evening will seat 50 people, with seats socially distanced in a theater of a normal capacity of 240. Tickets for “The Riverbend’s Got Talent” cost $10 per night.

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