Aurion Business Consultants: Technology-driven business consulting firm launches multilingual website

Aurion Business Consulting
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Aurion Business Consultants celebrates 12 years of relentless service by launching a multilingual website, catering to global investors. This will help them easily understand information about business jurisdictions, company structures, company formation procedures, residence visa options and investment opportunities in the UAE.

Aurion follows a technology-driven business consulting approach to effectively serve clients. Aurion was the first to build a mobile app for easy information sharing with the clients. Also, Aurion has an in-house office management system to protect client information and keep track of all assignments handled. The cyber-secure system is compliant with international IT security standards and helps the firm tackle client requests proactively at any time.

ISO Certification Consulting Services is another specialised area where Aurion offers end-to-end assistance to its global clients. Its team of expert ISO consultants and lead auditors handle a range of ISO Standards, such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45000:2015, ISO 27000:2013, and more.

Aurion also has a dedicated team of professionals in the field of knowledge management (KM). The team is specialised in assisting various organisations with framing a KM strategy, onboarding a KM team, conducting training on KM concepts and techniques for systematic reuse of knowledge, ISO 30401 KM certification assistance, and a lot more. Aurion delivers tailor-made services to meet organisational requirements and create an environment of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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