Black Noir actor reveals his dream idea for a spin-off of The Boys

The world of The Boys is getting larger thanks to the announcement that a spin-off focusing on young Supes-in-training is coming to Amazon Prime Video. But we can’t imagine the series will stop there – with several spin-offs probably filling fans’ dreams as we speak. Maybe a peek at Vought’s PR? Or a window into what goes on with the making of Dawn of the Seven? How about a Black Noir spin-off?

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Yeah, how about a Black Noir spin-off? It’s an idea so tantalising and rich and shrouded in mystery, that we even put the premise to Nathan Mitchell, the actor who portrays the enigmatic member of the Seven. He has some serious ideas and even a title.

“I would call it ‘The Secret Life of Black Noir,’” Mitchell says. 

“A funny thing or a cool thing to play with Noir is to have him live his life where he handles his business as a Supe but then struggles through daily life, these simple, mundane things. Kind of like a Mr. Bean in some ways where he’s always fumbling or screwing up and having these misadventures, but in the middle of it he might get called up and take out a Supe terrorist and that’s super easy for him and almost an inconvenience. Then he goes back to the thing he wants and goes ‘Oh, how do I get this? How do I do this?’ That would be really fun.”

A Black Noir show done in the style of Mr. Bean isn’t something we can say we’ve considered before – but it makes perfect sense. Noir is often unintentionally the funniest figure on the show, and seeing him trying to deal with a trip to the post office or trying to start a TikTok account would be too good to pass up. Maybe we’ll even see what’s under that mask…

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