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The statistics, trends and projections that were used to analyze and define business models and strategies before the pandemic lost their validity due to the emergence of a new economic and commercial reality.

The pandemic that caused the spread of covid-19, forced the Central American authorities to decree severe restrictions on the mobility of people. These quarantines generated new consumption habits and modified to some extent people’s preferences.

Because most countries in the region are in the phase of reopening their economies and removing restrictions on consumer mobility, business leaders are busy understanding the current business reality.

Learn more about CentralAmericaData‘s consumer studies. review that “… In order to have clients, talent, suppliers and allies, companies should focus on understanding the reality of each of their main audiences. The client cannot be seen as a link to achieve their goals, but as the center and the reason for the existence of the company.

For Paulina Rodriguez Werner, Strategy and Communication Consultant of Komunika Latam and member of the Board of Directors of Sistema B Central America and Caribbean, “… uncertainty, fear, risk aversion, resistance to change, personal interest, the desire to return to what we had and knew, the lack of vision for the collective are factors that can blur the understanding of the leaders and we must all become aware of this, to work with empathy, openness and creativity to design the best way to promote responsible and ethical business.

More online shopping, increased demand for home delivery services, environmentally responsible consumption and purchase of healthy and functional foods are some of the new trends that have been identified among Central American consumers.

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September 2020

Given the need to understand customer behavior in the digital environment, together with the urgency for companies to promote remote work, an ideal scenario has been created for the demand for cloud services to increase exponentially.

The spread of covid-19 caused a considerable change in people’s habits.

New Reality: Changes in Consumption Patterns

August 2020

In the new business scenario consumers have increased the demand for household disinfection products, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and medicines, consumption patterns that could be maintained in the medium and long term.

When the first cases of covid-19 were reported in Central America in March, the first reaction of people was to make compulsive purchases.

Marketing: Strategies for the New Normal

June 2020

Conveying solid arguments to highlight the importance of the product or service, offering goods with long-term guarantees and being considered essential, are part of the strategies that could increase companies’ sales in the new commercial reality.

The changes in people’s habits that emerged in the context of the mobility restrictions imposed by the pandemic accelerated the transformation of Central American markets and completely changed the way consumers behave.

Consumers in the New Commercial Era

April 2020

Less impulsive and more reasoned purchasing decisions and the search for product and supplier information on the Internet and social networks are some of the characteristics of consumers in the new business environment.

Given the spread of covid-19, health authorities in Central American countries have been forced to restrict the mobility of people and have chosen to close most commercial establishments.

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