Damian Prodalendis Built an Empire Via Online Business with ProsaMedia

Damian Prosalendis

Damian Prosalendis Built an Empire Via Online Business
Damian Prosalendis Built an Empire Via Online Business
Damian Prosalendis Built an Empire Via Online Business

LOS ANGELES, CA, Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Back in the day, people used to believe that having a “stable” nine-to-five job was the only way to secure a future. Since the financial crisis of 2009, however, that belief has been largely debunked. Ever since business-loving millennials entered the workforce, the rules of the game have been completely redefined.

Many stories of young entrepreneurs are circulating out there, and it is often pointed out how being social media savvy can be a massive gamechanger. Knowing the ins and outs of Instagram and Facebook can even make a millionaire out of a homeless man. Such is the story of the Greek born and Dubai based business owner Damian Prosalendis, known as @damianprosa on social media.

The story of Prosalendis begins in his native Greece. With dreams of becoming a chemical engineer, he attended the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, but things were tough. Damian barely made ends meet, living off of a $200 monthly stipend from his parents.

One day, in a true millennial spirit, Prosalendis decided that he was done living the “conventional” life of getting a degree and going into a nine-to-five career. He dropped out of school and began living on the floor of a dirty dorm room, sleeping on a mattress that he found in the trash.

Prosalendis did what so many young entrepreneurs out there do: he registered for an online freelance platform and began peddling his services. Less than two years later, Damian made a whopping one million dollars with copywriting, all completely online.

This is the new age of business. An online platform registration can generate thousands and even millions of dollars for someone hard-working enough to see the process through and not quit. Prosalendis is just one of many who chose to forego the established path and dive into the new sphere of online money-making.

This was just the starting point for Prosalendis, who now owns various companies, including a model and talent management agency called Badass Talent, a video production studio called Studio Badass, a digital media publishing company called Anax Publishing, and a marketing agency by the name of ProsaMedia.

There’s no end in sight for young business owners like Damian Prosalendis. As long as one has a laptop, a functioning Internet connection, and a decent amount of perseverance, they can literally go from homeless to millions in a short period of time.


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