DevOps certification: Use this $39 9-course training bundle to learn the foundations of DevOps

The secret behind successful software companies that regularly deploy releases lies in integration between both software development and IT operations teams. This practice, known as DevOps, aims to make teams work faster and release more frequently while improving the quality of software development. In order for this to work, collaboration and trust need to be built between both teams.

Whether you’re a system developer, project manager, or data scientist, there are plenty of skills that you can learn to bring your team up to speed. With the Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle, you’ll get nine courses on DevOps essentials that will teach you the best tools and practices to contribute to your team’s success. This bundle typically costs $2,500, but it’s currently on sale for just $39, or 98% off!

The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle features nine courses that will introduce you to the foundations of DevOps. The first course we recommend taking is the DevOps Training Certification Course, which will provide an overview of popular tools and methodologies. From there, you can specialize in one area of DevOps depending on your position in the cycle.

For example, if you’re on the IT operations end of the DevOps cycle, you should take the Ansible 2.0 Training Course to learn how to set up and maintain multiple servers using Ansible. Alternatively, a software developer in a DevOps environment would make great use out of the Docker in Depth Training Course. Best of all, these courses offer a certificate of completion that you can use to demonstrate your new skills to current or future employers.

We think that a great DevOps team is the backbone of any software company that regularly serves customers. If your organization doesn’t already employ a DevOps structure, or if you’re looking to improve your current team’s practices, look no further! You can get all nine courses in the Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle for just $39.

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