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Looking for a truly cheap Razer laptop is indeed a bit of an oxymoron: they won’t really ever be ‘cheap, per se, but you can certainly get deals on them where they are at least cheaper than their premium often dictates. Nonetheless, it can’t be denied that they do go a long way to justifying their price tag. They really are some of the best in the business so, as a result, they do offer good value in their own premium way.

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We’re big fans of Razer’s portable powerhouses here at GamesRadar – the Blade 15 is atop our best gaming laptop list, though this might be threatened soon enough….when I test the next iteration of the Razer Blade 15 that came out recently this year. As a result of that, we are really keen to see if we can find deals on these great machines whenever possible and that’s what this page will cover: the cheapest Razer laptop deals going (as well as some alternatives to keep your options open).

What’s more, the upcoming Amazon Prime day deals might be a perfect autumnal way to find a cheap Razer laptop. Keep abreast of our Amazon Prime Day laptop deals hub where we’ll post all the best offerings on portable machines in this month’s sales event.

Razer Blade laptop prices can be worth the spend

Overall, what sets Razer’s laptops ahead of others is the premium nature of everything – and it’s all combined in a premium nature. 

There’s a fair old collection of kit that goes toward making the price of Razer laptops what they are but to quickly get your head around what’s on offer or to refresh your memory, the best way to think about the laptops and what they feature – and the ‘tiers’ of their powerfulness, if you like, is to break it down into the main models that make up the Blade series. (Note: these descriptions match the latest 2020 versions of the laptops but there’s a whole host of quality in Razer laptops of the previous one or two years too.)

The Blade 15 is the go-to laptop in the range. Coming in two models or editions – Base and Advanced – it has the perfect balance of size, components, power, display, design, and portability for its price; the greatest bang for buck value, let’s say. This year’s Blade models all come with the latest 10th-generation Intel processors, and the ‘lowest’ graphics card you’ll get is an excellent – though not ray-tracing capable – GTX 1660Ti. Elsewhere, RAM is always set to 16GB, there are multiple storages and SSD options and if you go for an RTX 2070 graphics card or above, you’ll get the option of a 4K OLED screen instead of the still-excellent 144Hz 1080p standard display. Worth noting that a Blade 15 with a 2070 Super or 2080 Super GPU is an Advanced model, and there is a Studio Edition aimed at those who create and design as well as just play.

The Pro is the model for those that want serious power and a large display to view it on. These beasts only have top-end RTX graphics card (2070, 2080, or 2080 Super) within, as well as the 10th generation Intel processors. The standard 16GB of RAM applies here too, the minimum SSD size is 512GB, and the standard display is a 300Hz Full HD panel. However, as you crank it up by selecting each higher-grade GPU, you can add a 4K Touch 120Hz screen and see the SSD rise to 1TB. Excellent.

The smallest of the bunch, the Stealth is still pretty bloody good. Once considered only a notebook Razer laptop, it is got its own proper gaming chops and can hold its own among the rest. It has a solid 1650Ti graphics card, the 10th-gen processor from Intel, and 16GB of RAM (pretty good for a 13-inch laptop chassis), a 512GB SSD and you can select that awesome 4K Touch panel if you so wish too.

Whichever one you like the look of, you can be guaranteed that quality in design, build, performance, and use will come through in abundance.

Cheapest Razer Blade (2020) prices today

Spanning Razer’s modest but awesome range, these are the best prices for the Razer’s portable powerhouses for you right now, wherever you are. These prices update automatically so this is the best avenue to try and get a cheap Razer laptop deal.

Cheapest Razer Blade (2019) prices today

Razer’s 2019 Blade models do look to be being phased out as stock is low, but you might find one that’s from last year’s range that’ll still do a hell of a job and might be discounted too. The differences will be things like the more regular appearance of 16-series cards, 8th or 9th generation Intel processors and smaller SSDs – not major problems at all, just differences.

Going back even further, the Blade laptops that feature a 10-series graphics card are the oldest of the bunch. As a result, they will be easy to dismiss at first, but there just might – might – be a great price on these somewhere somehow. The below matches are for the 2019 models and before, showing you your best options if you want to try and save a few quid by opting for an ever-so-slightly ‘older’ model of this quality machine.

Latest top non-Razer laptop prices

However, we understand it’s not always possible to stretch one’s budget to the premium Razer Blade models and fear not because we know of some awesome laptops that are incredibly capable but span the lower reaches of the gaming laptop price spectrum. 

These models are all from excellent manufacturers who have gaming pedigree and have released some of our non-Razer favorites over the years. Below is our pick of the bunch of those that will offer somewhat of a similar level of performance – if you’re looking for a real, absolute bargain then you’ll need to browse our guide to the best gaming laptop deals that we scour the internet for regularly.

Gaming laptop retailers

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