Hinsdale Car Dealer’s Proposal Denied

HINSDALE, IL — A Hinsdale car dealer wanted an access drive to connect two dealerships. But the Village Board rejected the idea this week, with officials saying they feared it would ultimately mean less sales tax money.

Land Rover Hinsdale had already built an access drive connecting its dealership at 336 E. Ogden Ave. to its old property at 300 E. Ogden Ave., where it is planning an electric car dealership.

Two years ago, Land Rover entered a sales tax-sharing agreement with Hinsdale. Part of the deal was for Land Rover to completely move out of the old property to make way for a new sales tax-generating business.

Now, officials fear that the old property could be used for storage for the Land River dealership, which also sells Jaguars.

“Go up and down Ogden Avenue and you’ll see lots of dealerships that have lots of land,” Village President Tom Cauley said. “Mercedes-Benz has a three-story building where they store cars. These businesses like to store cars on contiguous lots.”

The village proposed a limit of five cars from Land Rover stored at any time at the new dealership, where a similar ownership structure plans to sell used Teslas.

However, Land Rover’s Kevin Jacobs declined to accept a limit, but said the old Land Rover property would be primarily used to sell electric cars.

“I can’t put a limit on it when things are so undefined and until I see what the business will be,” he said.

Jacobs said the access road would be safer for the neighborhood, noting the village’s fire department preferred it. The old property would be the site of a detailing center for the dealerships, he said

Cauley said approving the already-built access drive would likely undercut the sales-tax sharing agreement.

“I’m trying to maximize sales tax revenue. That’s my job,” he said.

The board voted unanimously against Land Rover’s request.

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