How does this title company help agents win more business?

As a relationship-driven business, it’s no surprise that top performing agents enjoy the deep trust of their clients. They earn it by delivering unparalleled service, by having a mastery of data, and by being actively responsive.

They carefully guide clients through the phases of listing a property or searching for homes. And they provide timely, informed advice on repairs, on structuring or responding to offers, and on thoughtful negotiations. It’s all about a creating good experience.

So why don’t agents do more to ensure that experience carries through the entire closing?

Real estate professionals are fluent in the vagaries of the closing process, but the average homeowner will only go through it once every seven to ten years. That means, after having a trusted advisor by their side at every moment, the title and closing process thrusts the consumer into an unfamiliar, unforeseen, and all-around unpleasant experience—all on their own.

In an effort to avoid this handoff into the unknown, brokers like Yvonne Blewett of Lake Oswego, Ore., recommend WFG’s MyHome platform.

“Communication is key in this business,” said Yvonne Blewett, a Broker in Lake Oswego, OR. “MyHome helps me in the many steps of a real estate transaction. The email alerts and the ability to check online provide the confidence that my clients and I expect for a smooth closing. That’s important when we are all keeping a fast pace in this market. I can check online instead of waiting for a return call or email. It is one of the many tasks/benefits that WFG does well for me.”

The web-based application provides pre- and post-closing home information, real-time updates, and access to common transaction documents. MyHome also offers the option to submit opening information forms and other important documents directly to the consumer’s escrow team.

The user-friendly interface was very purposeful, as Steve Ozonian, Chairman of WEST, a Williston Financial Group company, explained. “Consumers are accustomed to transparency and usability with their everyday apps from pizza delivery to ride-sharing,” he said. “Which is the opposite of the traditional title and escrow experience. So we set out to fix that.”

MyHome offers the consumer a clean, easy-to-use dashboard. Notifications alert them to key milestones, removing the uncertainty timing and expectations.

“It was really helpful to be able to view all the details of my transaction at any time, all in once place,” said Rachel Parrish, a homeowner in Washington.

MyHome isn’t just limited to the technology. WFG also offers responsive customer service by email or by phone. “We treat your client like they’re our client, not like we’re just a random third party they’ll never hear from again. We even ask about their experience after closing, and to date, we’ve maintained a Net Promoter Score of 76—on par with brands like Apple and Nike,” Ozonian said.

The average consumer doesn’t often reflect back on their title company. Instead, they look for confidence and transparency from their agent. MyHome solves for the points of friction that often plague the title and escrow process, and that reflects back on the trusted advisor who worked so closely with the consumer in the first place.

“My referral and repeat business from past clients has increased because they have a great experience from start to finish,” said Blewett. “WFG’s MyHome is part of the toolset I use to ensure a seamless transaction every time.”

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