Intimidating Ku Klux Klan ‘business cards’ left in yards with Biden signs

Ku Klux Klan business cards describing a “social visit” from the hate group — and warning that the next one would be a “business call” — are appearing in the yards of Joe Biden supporters in Tennessee.

Shelbyville resident Breana Green told local outlet WSMV-TV that her friend’s home was targeted.

“We noticed that there was litter in the yard,” Green told the outlet. “I started to pick up the litter and noticed these business cards.”

About 20 Ku Klux Klan business cards bearing the threatening message were strewn across the yard, she said.

It appeared that whoever left the cards was provoked by the Biden-Harris sign in the yard, Green said.

“There [were] also tire marks in the yard which indicated the sign had been [run] over,” she told the outlet.

“I was really startled by it and also kind of scared,” Green told WPLN-FM, another local station.

Though the family is white, Green said it still appears to be an act of intimidation.

“I can’t imagine the folks in Shelbyville who are people of color, how they are feeling,” Green said. “They must be feeling really scared. And I want to make sure the community comes together to make them feel like they are welcome.”

Another woman told WSMV-TV that a Biden-Harris sign was stolen from her friend’s yard and the same business card was left.

A Shelbyville Police Department spokesman sought to downplay the incident, telling reporters that police were aware of “a limited number of incidents” involving theft, damage or both to campaign signs.

“This is true for both Trump and Biden yard signs,” the statement said. “We have also been made aware of local residents receiving literature from individuals purporting to be from the Knights of Ku Klux Klan. Similar literature has been found in driveways and yards for a number of years.”

Deputy Police Chief Brian Crews told WPLN-FM that he doesn’t believe the recent acts are “targeting specific races.”

“We believe that it’s targeting certain neighborhoods that would even be predominantly white,” he said. “I think most people just view it as trash.”

A large “White Lives Matter” protest was held in Shelbyville in 2017.

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