N.J. public unions are enablers of ‘central command’ economy | Letters

Government-employee unions are an economic army devoted to destroying business and industry — unless the business is dependent on government spending.

Here in New Jersey, the unemployment rate is 10.9%. Because of coronavirus safety restrictions, we are living under a central-command economy where the government decides who can be open for business and how they can open their businesses.

No sense of shame stopped the state from raising the gasoline tax 9.3 cents a gallon this month (under a formula triggered by a previously approved road-funding mechanism) during an economic downturn that this government caused. This does not bother the government unions one bit. No matter how bad the economy is, they will get their money.

The government and the media incited the masses with the fear of coronavirus. I think the danger is being exaggerated for political purposes. Through media propaganda and the promise of more compensation from taxpayers, they can get the masses to go along with this. It has made state government more powerful.

Both the state and federal governments are racking up a lot of debt. I believe this is immoral. This money must be paid back by the taxpayers.

While public-sector unions support deficit spending, to be fair, so does Wall Street. This is an example of the alliance between Wall Street and the socialist movement. Gov. Phil Murphy is the physical manifestation of this coalition. Small business and American industry are no longer a part of their economic model, which consists of investments in foreign production combined with government spending.

Lee Lucas, Gibbstown

Keep Vineland BOE incumbents

Some people say that change can be a good thing. But, in the case of the Nov. 3 Vineland Board of Education election, replacing even one member of the current board would not be a good idea.

With COVID-19 health issues in the district being dealt with by the current nine members on an ongoing basis, the voters should keep the board intact. Board members have been working for many months with Superintendent Mary Gruccio and the administration to stabilize the safety and education of the students.

Therefore, the right thing to do is reelect Tom Ulrich, Meghan Spinelli and Cedric Holmes, so they can continue their work with the other board members.

David M. Levin, Vineland

Note: Five candidates, including the incumbents, are seeking three board seats. The two challengers are Jerald Bryant and Dennis Rivera.

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