NAVIS and IDeaS Strengthen Partnership

NAVIS, a hospitality CRM solutions provider, has strengthened its partnership with IDeaS, a provider of revenue management software and services, to allow marketing, reservations, and revenue management teams to operate as one team.

The two companies are eyeing ways to align NAVIS’ CRM data with IDeaS’ RMS analytics to improve forecasting and break down silos. NAVIS helps operators deploy marketing/outbound telephony campaigns to reach out to guests. It is being combined with IDeaS’ forecasting and pricing to help hotels maximize revenue and profitability.

“TheNAVIS and IDeaS partnership brings together two best-in-class companies who understand hospitality, get the challenges and goals in the market, and want to give their clients the best possible toolkit of solutions and services to make them successful,” said Kyle Buehner, CEO of NAVIS, in a statement. “The combination of our technologies and experts will make a huge positive impact for our hospitality clients as they focus on attracting new and returning guests with the right offer at the right time.”

“The notion of truly collaborative, cross-functional marketing is rare,” said Joseph Martino, senior vice president and chief business development officer at IDeaS, in a statement. “But by bringing together hotel marketing and revenue management solutions, we will enable revenue management teams and their marketing counterparts to plan specific campaigns that stimulate demand based on accurate, data-driven forecasting.”

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