Nearly 1,800 acres around Moosehead identified for future housing and business development

The Maine Land Use Planning Commission and members of the public have defined an area of the Moosehead Lake region that could be used for future housing and commercial development. 

Nearly 1,800 acres of land, or six development zones spanning four townships, are proposed for development, said Stacie Beyer, the planning commission’s acting executive director. This is about 11 percent of the 16,910 acres designated for development in the controversial Plum Creek project, a zoning plan proposed in 2005 that was meant to bring two resorts, 1,000 second-home lots, a golf course and other attractions to the area.

After more than a decade of the Moosehead Lake region awaiting new jobs and a revitalized economy, the Plum Creek’s Moosehead Lake Region Concept Plan was terminated in 2020 by Weyerhaeuser Co. A timberland company and real estate investment trust with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, Weyerhaeuser purchased Plum Creek Timber Co. in 2016. It turned the process over to the state and residents to determine future use of the land, Beyer said. Since summer 2020, the planning commission has been meeting with the public on what it wants to see happen to the land.