Preply Unveils New Slate of Business Language Training Programs

COMPANY NEWS: Preply has just unveiled a brand new slate of business language training programs to add to its already robust offering. The three programs, focused on online corporate language training, will provide users with the ability to learn in English, German, and Spanish. In essence, these programs will look to expand business language training beyond just English.

The program itself is a part of Preply Enterprise, a new business offshoot of the company which aims to expand Preply’s innovation in language training into the corporate realm.

A Deep Dive into Preply

Preply was founded in 2012 to create a more streamlined and practical method of language learning online. They wanted to create something that would solve some of the issues in language learning that were rife in more traditional methods.

To that end, the company had developed an easy-to-use video platform that allows tutors and students from around the world to connect via video chat. As the years went on, more features were added and tweaked and Preply has rapidly become the most trusted name in online learning platforms.

With its relative ease of use and the flexibility it affords, business professionals from around the world have flocked to the platform in recent years. Whether they’re looking to brush up on their skills, acquire new ones, or even learn a new language, Preply has always been there to provide expert service in helping to facilitate these goals.

What is Preply Enterprise?

Since its founding, Preply has seen great success amongst students eager to learn a new language. However, current trends in English language learning are not just relegated to university students.

Many business professionals have also taken a keen interest in bolstering their language skills — particularly their business language skills. For that exact reason, the company has decided to develop a program specifically catered to business professionals and their precise needs. Thus, Preply Enterprise was born.

Preply realized that the typical language learning regimen was not able to deal with the demands of business professionals. So, they developed a program that would focus on the terminology specific to one’s industry, as well as corporate business language that would allow for more streamlined communication within the workplace.

They decided that business language training is far too important and should be its own entity. Preply Enterprise provides professionals with a means to develop their language skills within a business framework, thus paving the way to future success.

How Does Preply Enterprise Work?

Preply Enterprise aims to provide teams and organizations with the tools they need to thrive. Based on the learning criteria outlined by a given company, Preply’s account management team will assemble a group of handpicked tutors according to those exact specifications. From here, each employee will have the ability to choose the individual tutor that’s right for them.

Preply Enterprise wants to overcome issues in English language learning — specifically a universal curriculum. Not everyone learns the same and different people need to focus on different aspects of learning a language. By giving individual employees the power to select their tutors, employees will have the ability to learn what’s right for them in a way that suits their needs.

These are the three pillars of Preply Enterprise:


Much like Preply’s ambitions when first embarking on their journey in 2012, Preply Enterprise looks to bring the same level of flexibility that was always offered by the tutoring platform.

Innovations in language learning have seen a stark uptick in recent years, and this is all thanks to the increased prowess of telecommunication technology. Thanks to the internet, learning can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Preply Enterprise wants to make learning as seamless as possible by allowing people to create a schedule that works for them. This is of particular importance for business professionals with tight schedules and busy lives. Preply Enterprise wants individuals to have the power of choice and flexibility when taking up the mantle of learning a language.


Progress is the only surefire way to ensure that the program is working. That’s why Preply Enterprise has included several tools that allow employers to track the progress of employees and feel confident in the education they are receiving.

By evaluating employees every step of the way, Preply provides companies with the hard data they need to know where things are going. Employers can track the progress of their staff members in real-time with Preply’s easy-to-use dashboard.


Ultimately, none of this is possible without ensuring a high standard of quality. Preply Enterprise is ultra-focused on providing its clients with the utmost quality in all facets of the program.

Whether it’s the seamless UX of the learning platform itself or the handpicked top-quality tutors, Preply is keen on prioritizing quality every step of the way. Quality is what sets Preply apart from its competitors and it’s one of the guiding forces behind the inception of Preply Enterprise.

Business professionals know to expect more from a service like this and Preply aims to deliver on that vital expectation. 


Preply Enterprise looks to expand upon current trends in English language learning by providing these services in two other key business languages: Spanish and German.

By offering the program in these three robust and highly sought after languages, Preply Enterprise has ensured that business professionals from around the world can count on the platform to bolster their skills and prepare them to take on challenges regardless of the skill level they have going into the program.

Organizations, and their employees, can now feel confident in their capacity to maneuver through today’s ever-increasing globalization by taking part in corporate language training that centers around some of the world’s most important business languages.

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