ROCORI School Board held closed meeting about district business manager

COLD SPRING — The ROCORI School Board held a closed meeting March 28 to discuss the preliminary consideration of allegations or charges against ROCORI business manager, Beth Downes. 

On Friday, an attorney with the district told the St. Cloud Times the status of the allegations or charges is “closed” and there was no disciplinary action imposed nor will there be additional meetings addressing these allegations or charges.

Under Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.05, subd. 2(b), “A public body shall close one or more meetings for preliminary consideration of allegations or charges against an individual subject to its authority. If the members conclude that discipline of any nature may be warranted as a result of those specific charges or allegations, further meetings or hearings relating to those specific charges or allegations held after that conclusion is reached must be open.”

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In February the ROCORI school board placed former Superintendent Brad Kelvington on paid administrative leave, a week and a half after he resigned.

In response to a Minnesota Freedom of Information Act request from the St. Cloud Times, an attorney for the school district said there are no complaints or charges against Kelvington, current or past, that exist regardless of whether the complaint or charge resulted in disciplinary action.

The school district also said there was no disciplinary action taken against Kelvington and there are no terms of any agreement settling a dispute arising out of an employment relationship, including a buyout agreement as defined in Minnesota Statute section 123B.143, subdivision 2, paragraph (a).