Small business coalition continues push for new reopening plan

SAN DIEGO – A coalition made up of San Diego County businesses is taking the next steps in its push for a new local economic reopening plan.

“Currently, there is no green tier,” said Jon Weber, owner of Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop and founder of the We Mean Business coalition. “Currently, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.”

Weber started the coalition as a way for local businesses to join together toward the end of what has been a tumultuous year for most industries amid the coronavirus pandemic. Dozens of others have joined him in recent weeks to hold several rallies and now many of them are on board to sign a petition on the group’s website.

They hope it will force San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors to meet them halfway to draft a less restrictive reopening plan.

“It’s our commitment to the county to say, ‘Look, small businesses are doing things right we understand what needs to be done,’” he said. “We are following all the protocols and we don’t feel that the direction we’re going is ever going to get us to a point where we can fully be open.”

Frustration has been building for some small business owners, forced to adjust time and time again to the state’s shifting guidelines as the U.S. has struggled to get the pandemic under control.

The latest plans involve a color-coded system in California, with even the best level – “yellow” signaling a slow return to business as usual. Under the yellow tier, only 50% capacity would be allowed for most industries.

“A restaurant or a business or a gym that is kept at a limited capacity it’s not going to survive,” Weber said.

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