Spotify Introduce Promo Cards To Help Share Music And Podcasts

Spotify has introduced its new promo cards tool to help artists and creators better share their material. As reported by Engadget, this now gives creators the ability to better advertise their work on social media.

Spotify has been hard at work to improve their platform over recent weeks and months with a host of new features. This is perhaps to try and counteract the work done by YouTube Music to improve their offering.

Back in September, Spotify made it much easier for users to control the quality of streaming. Spotify achieved this by giving different quality options for both WiFi and cellular streaming.

The company also added the ability to search for songs by lyrics at the start of October. The was always available on the web client but now has been added to the app.

This new promo cards feature looks to be a way for Spotify to better advertise its creators. It also gives them a better option to promote their music on the platform which looks like a win-win for both parties on the face of it.

spotify promo cards

Spotify introduces promo cards to better promote content

In order to create a card, you must navigate your way to Spotify for Artists or Podcasters. Here you can follow on-screen instructions to start your creations.

Promo cards can be used to promote a single track or podcast episode. Alternatively, you could also create one for an album or series. Those who make it into Spotify’s top 33 music or podcast playlists can also make a specific card to point people to those.

Cards come in various different formats to suit where they will be used. You can produce them in landscape or vertical as well as square to best suit the platform you wish to promote on.

Fans can also create these promo cards as well to celebrate their favourite artists and creators. Spotify says that the feature is mostly designed with creators in mind. However, the will not stop fans from using the new tool.

You will not need access or a login to one of the creation websites to do this so it is really simple. Ultimately, this is a very smart business move from Spotify. By getting creators and fans to make these cards they are essentially getting others to do their marketing for them.

These cards only direct to Spotify so they channel traffic away from other streaming platforms like Apple and YouTube Music. How much of an impact this will have remains to be seen but it is certainly a shrewd move from the company.

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