Spotify Promo Cards is a new way for creators to boost their content

Spotify has introduced a new tool that enables creators to boost their content. Called Promo Cards, the new feature generates customized assets for a creator’s content, including podcasts, albums, and even individual songs. The Promo Cards shouldn’t be mistaken with something like real-life business cards — rather, says Spotify, these new custom assets are designed to be shared on social media platforms.

Spotify points out that promoting one’s content on social media takes up more of the artist’s time, particularly if they’re a small content creator responsible for boosting their own brand. The Promo Cards are intended to make it easier to market one’s own materials even if you don’t possess graphic design skills.

Spotify for Artists enables creators to customize the graphics on their promo cards — in fact, the online tool doesn’t even require users to log in, meaning that listeners could also generate Promo Cards for their favorite bands and podcasts if they wanted. You will need to have an artist profile on Spotify in order to use the tool to create your own Promo Cards.

The tool includes a variety of options — there are square, portrait, and horizontal card sizes to best fit with different social media platforms. Likewise, users can choose the card’s background color and create cards with support for a few different languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English).

Of course, the Promo Card can then be downloaded for upload elsewhere or users can share the content directly using one of the direct share options. A select array of playlists can be used to generate Promo Cards, as well, including things like Mansion Reggaeton, Exitos Espana, African Heat, The New Alt, RADAR, POLLEN, New Boots, and more.

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