Stakeholders to Discuss Business Survival Strategies at Book Launch

Stakeholders from business backgrounds will be gathering at the launch of a new book “You Too Can Become A Success” to enlighten on business sustainability, as COVID-19 ravaged the world.

The book written by Helen Oritsejafor explores various options for a successful business.

According to the author, the book is an eye opener that encourages readers to desist from the attitude of self-pity and commit to determination and hard work.

“The book encourages people to change their defeated mindset to a success-based mindset, while working virtuously with God will yield such a life.”

Oritsejafor said that the book launch will hold alongside the 6th edition of the CEOs Company Mentorship Class, which will be done virtually.

She added that the master class will expose business owners and corporate heads of organisations to professional secrets of building successful strong foundations for their establishments and close knowledge gap.

Oritsejafor said these are times when strengths of companies and businesses would be put to test on their ability to rise above challenges.

She stated that the idea of the class was to enlighten corporate heads of organisations and business owners on the rudiments of survival in the midst of economic, financial or administrative setback.

“it is important for solid strategic measures to be adopted to keep establishments running and become even stronger in the near future, as the growth, sustainability and importance of the establishment is key.

“Hence creating an environment where companies in these parts can be seen to run successfully for generations, irrespective of the changes in the economy and administration, she said.

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