Philippe Starck AEKLYS Credit Card Ring Release Info

Contactless payment has been around for a while now thanks to NFC-enabled bank and transport cards or apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay via your smartphones, but renowned designer Philippe Starck wasn’t satisfied with the status quo, and so he designed the all-new AEKLYS: a ring that stores all cards into one device you can wear.

From credit and debit cards or transport passes to even your personal business card information, the AEKLYS ring can store all of, allowing you to make contactless payments or send information simply by a tap on the ring before waving it in front of whatever sensor you’re presented with. It’ll even work without any smartphone nearby or network available and automatically updates its software. There’s no battery either, so you won’t have to worry about charging it.

Of course, with all your cards saved onto one device, STARCK has also ensured that the

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