Airbus Unveils Sleek New ACJ TwoTwenty Business Jet

Early in 2019, Airbus made waves in the commercial airframe business with the launch of the A220, a midrange, narrowbody jet smaller than a typical Boeing 737 or Airbus A319 but large enough to cover the full range of domestic routes in the United States. Now, the A220 airframe has been adapted by the corporate arm of Airbus for the launch of a new private offering: the ACJ TwoTwenty business jet.

Revealed on Tuesday, the ACJ TwoTwenty is built for the higher end of the corporate jet market. Based off of an A220-100 airframe, the ACJ TwoTwenty has 5,650 nautical miles of range, enough to keep the aircraft in the sky for twelve hours or cross the gap between Los Angeles and London. By contrast, one of the most popular private jets of all time,

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