Antigua And Barbuda Launch Digital Nomad Visa

Antigua and Barbuda joins the ranks of countries now offering long-term visas for digital nomads. Countries as varied as Bermuda and Estonia have started to see the value of having successful individuals live for extended stays, spending outside money in their economies. Digital nomads might not spend as much per-day as a tourist, but they make up for it in number of days.

Having spent an all-too-short stay on Antigua and Barbuda I can attest to their claim of beautiful beaches (365 of them!) and friendly, welcoming locals.

Here’s a look at the details of the visa.

Antigua and Barbuda Nomad Digital Residence Visa

Like other similar programs, you have to be a fairly successful digital nomad before you apply. This isn’t a “hey, that’d be cool” thing to try with no history of remote work. It’s also not particularly cheap to apply, but then,

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