Apologists For Joe Biden’s Tax Proposals Miss The Point

“Every four years a Democrat runs for president on a platform that includes higher taxes for the wealthy. And every four years a group of people predicts that the sky will fall if those plans are implemented. Yet every time their plans have been implemented, the sky hasn’t fallen.” Those are the words of Harvard professor Jason Furman, who was Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers during Barack Obama’s second presidential term.

Furman is right. It’s never made sense that Republicans would cry “recession” every time a Democrat would promise tax increases. This isn’t to defend tax increases. Rest assured this write-up will not.

Still, Republicans vandalize the word “recession” when they say tax cuts will automatically cause them. Painful as they are, recessions have historically signaled an economy on the mend. During boom periods, it’s only natural that lenders will reach a bit in terms of

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