Trump Reverses Stance on Stimulus, Asks for $1,200 Checks and Small Business Relief

Is a second stimulus check back on the table?

In recent weeks, lawmakers had actually appeared to be getting closer to a deal on another coronavirus relief bill, with leaders from both parties indicating progress had been made and they were hopeful a compromise could be found.

That’s why it came as a shock when President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he had instructed his team to halt negotiations and said he would prefer lawmakers wait until after the upcoming November election to pass a stimulus package. The president had been one of the biggest proponents of a generous stimulus bill, so his announcement came as a shock.

Late in the evening, however, the president appeared to reverse course, releasing several statements via Twitter indicating his continued support for specific stimulus relief — including a $1,200 check for most Americans.

The president is back on board with more coronavirus stimulus

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