Should You Start Your War-on-Cash Basket With Mastercard?

The “war on cash” was one of the biggest and sustainable long-term trends in the market today, but the COVID-19 pandemic could be the thing that catapults it into overdrive. As people eschew traditional brick-and-mortar stores and are more reluctant to interact with others, contactless card payments have continued to take market share in the pandemic. 

So while overall spending is depressed right now, on the other side of the pandemic, digital payments should continue to eat up market share, especially in developing markets that have more traditionally used cash.

Therefore, after the COVID dip in markets, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for investors to scoop up a basket of the world’s best digital payments stocks. But if you have limited capital available, which “war on cash” stocks should be first in line?

A woman wearing a face mask holds her phone up  to a digital card reader.

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An exceptional moat

No matter if you use a debit card, credit

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