Small businesses born during coronavirus pandemic find exposure at new Capital Flea Market in Hartford

An entrepreneurial spirit has been stirring in the capital region as the economic wreckage of the pandemic gives way to new small businesses and now a flea market in Hartford to showcase them.

Most weekends since early September vendors from around the region have lined a little-used parking lot at Market and Trumbull streets downtown that’s now the site of the Capital Flea Market. Organized by Evenlyn Black, a 26-year-old mother of two with her own small business, the market is giving sellers much-needed exposure and shoppers a rare opportunity to browse and mingle outside.

“It’s basically a community for us to be able to thrive together,” said Black, who started planning the market after she was furloughed from her reception job at Waterbury Hospital. “With the pandemic, it’s hard. How am I going to get to the points and places I know I want to be if I only

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The Printaholic: COVID 19 quarantine sparks idea for UNC student, sticker business is born

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) — With many college campuses going virtual amid the pandemic, UNC-Chapel Hill student Prasiddhi Jain found inspiration during the extra time in quarantine to launch a business.

Jain has always loved stickers and as a senior studying biostatistics and computer science, she has also become an entrepreneur launching a custom sticker business, The Printaholic.

“Luckily, I have some like overlap with creating my website I get to use my computer science skills,” Jain said. “Not so much biostatistics but more computer science.”

The idea started when her mom had a birthday during the quarantine. Jain wanted to make a personalized gift, so she drew a print of her family and her mom loved it.

“And then, I decided to post like in some Facebook groups that I’m in. I’m like, ‘Hey like I’m doing custom prints,'” Jain explained.

From there, her idea and hobby turned into

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