China business briefing: Mooove over, Australia

Economic historians are going to look back at the era of coronavirus and see more of a rollercoaster than a nosedive.

While Kazakhstan’s economy suffers with the rest of the world’s, the country’s exports to China grew significantly in August, according to the latest data from Beijing. Compared to last August, Kazakh shippers sent off more chemicals (up threefold to $151 million), tobacco (almost 15 times more to $2 million), cotton (doubled to $1.8 million) and a bumper crop of diverse victuals worth $24 million. Overall, Chinese-bound exports grew 20 percent year-over-year to $881 million.

Surely these historians will also examine today’s shifting trade alignments. Kazakhstan’s food producers look primed to benefit from China’s increasingly tense relationship with some of its traditional trading partners.

The Customs Administration of Xinjiang, the Chinese region across the border, and Kazakhstan’s Agriculture Ministry met on September 8 to discuss opening quality-control labs at border

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