12 ‘Cobra Kai’ Phrases To Hit First In Business And Life

Cobra Kai undoubtedly became the success that no one expected in 2020. The series that continues the Karate Kid saga premiered two years ago on YouTube Red, but it was thanks to its arrival on Netflix that the show starring Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) has become the most followed of the moment.

William Zabka wearing a hat

© Sony / Netflix

The show has numbers to prove it. According to the latest audience report from consulting firm Nielsen , Cobra Kai surpassed the streaming audience for even highly anticipated movies like Mulan .

Personally, I adore this new installment of the Karate Kid saga so I decided to ask the Cobra Kai Latin America group what were their favorite phrases from the series. Beyond the Cobra Kai dojo “Strike first, strike hard, no mercy” mantra (which I personally believe will be modified in the coming seasons) we find several business

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