Auto dealers face a business revolution as EVs gain market share

It was a Friday morning, and eight members of the sales staff at Felix Chevrolet were gathered around the table for a weekly seminar led by Darryl Holter, the boss of the venerable downtown Los Angeles dealership.

This may be one of the more unusual educational efforts in Southern California. The students get weekly reading assignments, on which they’re quizzed, just as in regular schools. But the topic is unusual: how to sell customers on electric cars.

The working-class Latinos who make up Felix’s core market haven’t been early adopters of novel products such as EVs. The obstacles include the perception that EVs as more expensive than conventional cars — that’s true, before government and retailer incentives are counted.

They’re also skimpier on range. While a gasoline car can run 350 miles or more on a single fillup, EVs generally

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Hinsdale Car Dealer’s Proposal Denied

HINSDALE, IL — A Hinsdale car dealer wanted an access drive to connect two dealerships. But the Village Board rejected the idea this week, with officials saying they feared it would ultimately mean less sales tax money.

Land Rover Hinsdale had already built an access drive connecting its dealership at 336 E. Ogden Ave. to its old property at 300 E. Ogden Ave., where it is planning an electric car dealership.

Two years ago, Land Rover entered a sales tax-sharing agreement with Hinsdale. Part of the deal was for Land Rover to completely move out of the old property to make way for a new sales tax-generating business.

Now, officials fear that the old property could be used for storage for the Land River dealership, which also sells Jaguars.

“Go up and down Ogden Avenue and you’ll see lots of dealerships that have lots of land,” Village President Tom Cauley

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