3 Strategies From a Multimillion-Dollar-Winning Poker Pro That Give You an Unfair Edge

What’s the most powerful game you can play that trains your brain to win at business?

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If you answered poker, you’re right.


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Applying poker strategies in your business can give you an unfair edge, record profits, and enable you to make difficult, high-stakes decisions in seconds with limited information.

Poker is easy to win but notoriously difficult to master. Warren Buffett once said, “If you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and you still don’t know who the patsy is… you’re the patsy.”

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According to Wayne Yap, one of the youngest multimillion-dollar-earning poker players and winner of the high roller event at the ACOP, in the world of professional poker, the most winning players use eight-core strategies to overcome their fear of loss, make multimillion-dollar decisions in 30 seconds or less, and outsmart world-class competition

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COVID-19 May Boost Cloud and Edge Computing

According to a new report by PMMI Business Intelligence, currently 47% of leading CPGs and 46% of SMEs are utilizing cloud computing, and only 20% of leading CPGs and very few SMEs are utilizing edge computing strategies, though the use of both did accelerate due to COVID-19.

Cloud computing enables manufacturers to access production data and controls, remotely and in real time. By continuously uploading data to the cloud, manufacturers can obtain a comprehensive view of their operations, monitoring where products are, controlling what production lines are doing, and analyzing gathered data, without the need to be physically present at the site of production. Edge computing enables many of the same advantages of cloud computing, but without the option of remote access to data.

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The report states that

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