From earning Rs 6000 a month to building a multi-crore footwear business on Flipkart, an Agra-based online sel

Harish Dharamdasani, a 30-year-old second-generation entrepreneur, runs a successful footwear business on Flipkart. His brand Layasa clocks a monthly revenue of Rs. 3 crore on the e-commerce platform. Unlike many businesses that are facing uncertainties as a result of the pandemic, Harish says he is positive about good sales prospects during this festive season. “Ever since the lockdown, we have seen an increase in our customer base. So we are expecting good business this festive season too.” His preparations to meet the rise in festive demand began six months ago.

“Apart from stocking up products, we have curated a special product catalogue for this year’s festive season which will be going live in a few days. This was curated based on recent market trends and customer demand. We are also looking to hire more employees to meet the rising demand.”

The reason they began preparing for this year’s festive season

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