We Know Marketing Is A Strategic Function, But Does The C-Suite?

Chief Marketing Officer, Zebra Technologies www.zebra.com.

When times are tough and budget cuts are warranted, the marketing function can sometimes take one of the biggest hits. With a sizable discretionary budget, it can be a natural target for short-term spending reductions. And some believe it will be less disruptive to the overall business to pause marketing programs than to halt research and design (R&D), business development, sales or support activities.

We all agree you can’t drive business growth if you aren’t creating sources of incremental revenue. And you can’t expand revenue without a strong portfolio of products, aggressive sales effort and happy customers. However, it’s going to be difficult to increase awareness of your offerings, much less prove their value in a way that piques buyers’ interest, if you don’t have a steady cadence of marketing programs.

If you just step out of the market — and your

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