Educational Institutions Can Use Real Estate to Support their Go-Forward Strategies, Advise A&G Executives

Educational institutions can bolster their business strategies by taking greater advantage of their real estate assets, advise two executives from A&G Real Estate Partners in the Turnaround Management Association’s Journal of Corporate Renewal.

“For many schools, taking a hard look at existing real estate holdings and obligations could be the key,” write Jeff Hubbard and Jamie Cote, who are Senior Managing Directors in A&G’s Structured Real Estate Sales division.


Their four-page piece (“Real Estate Could Yield Much-Needed Liquidity for Educational Institutions”) appears in JCR’s October issue. Hubbard and Cote note that liquidity is a critical factor in the ability of educational institutions to weather changes wrought by Covid-19—which came on the heels of existing challenges such as the student loan crisis, declining enrollments and dramatic reductions in state funding.

The commercial real estate veterans point to the potential benefits of cost-cutting and liquidity-raising strategies

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