After Planning Retirement Around Travel, 3 Women on Being Grounded

For many Americans, retirement is the reward after decades of work—it’s a time for unwinding, personal projects, and, if you can, seeing the world. Often it’s the relatively few vacation days we get that make retirement the first opportunity for certain trips: a month spent in Greece, for example, or that multi-stop heritage trip. And for women, who still do the bulk of housework and childcare (often spending double the time men do on chores daily) finding the time to both travel and spend money on yourself is even rarer.

But what happens when, after years of planning, you finally retire and book those dream trips—only to have a pandemic hit, rendering travel impossible? We spoke to three women who have gone through just that. They tell us about staying home, where in the world they’d rather be right now, and how they’re finding hope in a retirement that looks

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