Business of Football: Dak Prescott’s injury won’t significantly hurt his career earnings

In the aftermath of Dak Prescott’s bone-chilling injury and reaction on Sunday, many have asked me about his business decision to turn down a multi-year offer from the Cowboys to instead play on a one-year contract with no security beyond it. Here are some thoughts.

We do not know what the Cowboys were offering, but we do know from their contract history that they prefer long deals—the longer the better—with guarantees only in the low-risk early years of the deal. They have previously signed star players to contracts with lengths up to 10 years, which are essentially one- or two-year contracts with team options following that. Amid that landscape, the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes agreed to a 12-year deal, one that only secures $63 million over the next three years (Ryan Tannehill is making $91 million over the same time frame). Wanting both a better deal from the Cowboys and

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How Donald Trump’s new H-1B visa tweaks will hurt immigrants

a group of people holding a sign: US visa-Trump-H1B

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US visa-Trump-H1B

The Donald Trump administration has made major changes to the H-1B visa programme, which will make it harder for foreign workers to work in the US.

The new interim final rule (IFR) will narrow the definition of “specialty occupation” to include fewer types of degrees, raise wages that H-1B workers should be paid, and shorten the length of visas for some contract workers.

“We have entered an era in which economic security is an integral part of homeland security,” US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acting secretary Chad Wolf said. “Put simply, economic security is homeland security. In response, we must do everything we can within the bounds of the law to make sure the American worker is put first.”

About one-third of H1-B visa applicants in recent years would be denied under the new rules, according to acting deputy DHS secretary Ken

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