How ‘The Pilates Class’ used influencer marketing to scale quickly

  • Jacqui Kingswell has been a professional fitness instructor for years and, like many people, pivoted to digital when the pandemic turned her world upside down.
  • Kingswell took her technique online to create The Pilates Class and quickly caught the eye of an investor.
  • In four months, she used a three-pronged influencer marketing strategy to scale to 60,000 social media followers and tens of thousands of subscribers.
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Within four months of its launch, The Pilates Class (TPC) has amassed tens of thousands of subscribers, and a social media following of 60,000.

And its founder, trainer and former dancer Jacqui Kingswell, says an authentic influencer campaign is to thank. 

When the pandemic hit and the world pivoted online, Kingswell started teaching classes on Instagram Live to stay in touch with her regular clients and quickly realized this was the future of the industry. It would

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