How To Navigate The Complex Global Business Landscape, Now And Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 has added a new layer of complexity for businesses across the world. It has threatened our health and safety and our livelihoods, as companies plunged almost overnight into totally uncharted territory.          

The crisis will likely affect all aspects of business from how and where goods are sourced, to where they are bought and sold, to where work gets done, and to how it gets done.

Governments have also have injected billions of dollars into

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Mastercard: Building The Modern Payments Landscape

For most consumers, change is a funny thing. It can be almost impossible to get a consumer to let go of an ingrained habit under normal circumstances. But pushed by the pressure of an unusual circumstance to do something a different way, it’s amazing how quickly a new habit can grow up in the space an old one left behind. That’s a lesson Sherri Haymond, Mastercard’s executive vice president of digital partnerships, has had the opportunity to witness professionally — and experience personally — over the past half year.

“Before [COVID-19] I was not an avid Instacart user, because I actually like going to the grocery store. I think it’s fun. There’s an element of discovery I like,” Haymond told Webster in a recent digital discussion. “But to have the convenience and the safety of delivery through something like Instacart — for me,

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