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A Premier League club owner has told Sky Sports News only six top-flight teams are in favour of Project Big Picture proposals, ahead of a shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

All 20 Premier League clubs will be involved in a virtual meeting to discuss the proposals at 11am.

“We are 100 per cent against the plans,” he said. “If there was a vote now I would be surprised if more than six supported it. I can guarantee you the majority of club owners are against it.

“Who knows, somebody might be able to come up with a compromise but there is no way we could support what’s on the table now.”

Rick Parry


Sky Sports News’ Rebecca Williams explains how Premier League and EFL clubs have reacted to the proposals within Project Big Picture

The proposals would give special status and preferred votes to the so-called big six clubs – Manchester United,

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Premier League proposals raise suspicions over US owners’ motives

Backers of a significant shake-up that is dividing English football have been forced to defend the proposals amid fierce criticism from the UK government, the Premier League and the Football Association.

The plan, devised by Rick Parry, the chairman of the English Football League, which runs the three divisions below the top flight, and Liverpool and Manchester United, the Premier League’s two most successful clubs, would hand a £250m bailout to the EFL as well a 25 per cent share of future media revenue. 

For Mr Parry, it is a chance to reset English football and address the unsustainable surge in costs to keep up as the gulf widens between the Premier League and the EFL. It also marks a power grab by the top clubs, as it would concentrate power in the hands of the Big Six, which includes Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

The plan will

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5 most concerning aspects of Premier League proposals pushed by Man Utd and Liverpool

Culture Secretary criticises overhaul plans for English top-flight



The English football pyramid could be set for a drastic overhaul as Manchester United and Liverpool lead ‘Project Big Picture’.

Proposals revealed by The Telegraph have shown the drastic changes being planned in an ‘extraordinary overhaul’.

Much has been made of what has been described as a ‘power grab’ by top clubs and met with widespread condemnation from across the football world.

EFL chairman Rick Parry insists the drastic overhaul would be for the “greater good of the game” and includes several financial packages to support those lower down the pyramid as football grapples with the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But several elements of the detailed proposal are cause for concern – here’s a look at five points which are most worrying for football fans.

Rick Parry holding a sign: EFL chairman Rick Parry has defended proposals for Project Big Picture

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EFL chairman Rick Parry has defended proposals for

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