Connecting Digital Fault Lines Reveals A Future Of Business Resilience

By David Sweetman, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing, SAP S/4HANA

(This story is Part 3 in the “The ERP Edge” series)

Businesses and their employees, suppliers, and sales partners can take a wide variety of paths before connecting with each other and delivering the experience customers expect. But the journey is rarely as straightforward as it should be. Instead, significant challenges, including unpredictable material availability, strict regulations, supplier risks, weather-induced transit rerouting, and fluctuating customer demands emerge unexpectedly and threaten the value chain’s stability. 

Today’s economic uncertainty is not making the ability to overcome such a complex landscape any easier. Now more than ever, companies must connect the digital fault lines of their disjointed applications, data sources, and processes to strike a sustainable balance between resource utilization and capital leverage throughout the value chain.

Moving from a static past to real-time synchronization

Globally uncertain times require businesses

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