For business leaders in media, this moment is a marathon

The Fast Company Impact Council, an invitation-only group of corporate leaders, entrepreneurial founders, and other leaders from across industries, gathered on June 30 to share their insights.

In this roundtable discussion, led by multimedia editor KC Ifeanyi, top executives discussed what the future of media might look like amid the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic and global protests against racial injustice.

Participants in this session, in alphabetical order, were Christa Carone, president of CSM Sport and Entertainment; Alan Fleischmann, founder, chairman, and CEO of Laurel Strategies; Sarah Harden, CEO of Hello Sunshine; Michael Hermann, president and CEO of Wicked Cow Studios; Gigi Pritzker, cofounder and CEO of Madison Wells Media; and Samantha Skey, CEO of She Media.

Alan Fleischmann: I think the new normal is this. In some ways, I do Zooms from dawn to dusk. We probably all do. I’ve been dreaming of being in a different chair at

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